" At Evergreen Medical Acupuncture we use an anatomy-based acupuncture system and functional medicine to treat almost any condition.
We are Colorado's premier acupuncture clinic." 


Evergreen Medical Acupuncture is a team of experienced Acupuncturists working with Dr. Christina Fick (DAOM). Dr. Fick has been practicing since 2009 and she ranks in the top 1% of Acupuncturists in the nation. She holds two Master's Degrees and a Clinical Doctorate. Dr. Fick has treated over 15,000 patients. Dr. Fick's clinic is one of the busiest acupuncture clinics in the state of Colorado. 


Dr. Fick has two amazing accomplishments:

Mastering Medical Acupuncture which is an anatomy-based treatment.

And the Flick Technique™ which is Dr. Fick’s unique needle insertion technique which is painless and more effective than traditional guide-tube needling.


In Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, the goal is to balance Qi, or vital energy. With Medical Acupuncture, however, the goal is to stimulate nerves and blood vessels by using specialized needling techniques. The variety of techniques has been proven to stimulate certain areas of the brain, boost the immune system, relax or stimulate organ function, and treat pain according to western pathology. We use an electrical stimulation device with Medical Acupuncture to target the release of certain hormones and neurotransmitters. We treat the physical body but also the emotional/spiritual aspect of one’s well being through these neurotransmitters and brain chemistry.


Dr. Fick worked and lived in China and worked in western hospitals. She has been trained to look at blood tests, X-rays and MRIs from patients Primary Care Providers and use their western diagnosis' and pathologies to treat her patients better. Dr. Fick has extensive functional medicine training that she also applies to her acupuncture treatments. She completed the series of one of the most challenging functional medicine training available to Doctors only through world-renowned, Apex Energetics. Patients at EMA tend to see results quickly as the combination of integrating medicines ensures all aspects of the patients' health and well-being are addressed as a whole and both symptoms and core causes are treated.

What our logo means
Our logo is a spin on the traditional "YinYang" symbol often seen with many acupuncture references. The "YinYang" represents the opposing forces that work together. One cannot exist without the other. The brain replaces the "YinYang"  and inside the brain is two chemical molecules:  Gaba (on the left) and Glutamate (on the right). 
Gaba is like Yin; It is a neurotransmitter that is calming and helps with rest. While Glutamate is like Yang; A neurotransmitter that is excitable and helps with energy.
The acupuncture needle in the middle symbolizes the ability to encourage chemical change within the brain with a needle, often described in ancient Chinese medical textbooks as the idea of Yin and Yang. 

May 2019

Can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Christina Fick. She was instrumental in helping me deal with anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and knee pain after I was hit in a head-on collision. She is thorough and takes a completely holistic approach to your wellness. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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October 2018

Christina is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented functional medicine practitioner and acupuncturist. She has helped me tremendously with various health issues and I am certain I wouldn't have come this far without her. My daughter's also both see her and she has helped them with several issues as well. She is a mainstay in my self-care regimen and I would highly recommend her to anyone else. She really is the best!


March 8, 2015 · 

I just want to let everyone know what an absolutely gifted acupuncturist Dr. Christina Fick truly is. After 7 days of agonizing recovery from elective surgery, Dr. Fick's magic needles enabled my 45yo body to mend itself practically overnight last Tuesday. Energy levels, appetite, and supple movement all returned to near 100%. Obviously, results may vary for each individual but having seen several acupuncturists in several cities over the last 8 years I can say with complete confidence that Dr. Fick is one of, if not THE very best at her craft.



December 11, 2017 

Dr. Christina Fick worked wonders on my chronic lower back pain. I am very pleased with the results. Was skeptical with acupuncture at 1st, but now a firm believer.


February 10, 2015 

Christina has helped me immensely heal from chronic Lyme disease. I am so grateful I found her. Her knowledge is outstanding. She is a true professional and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!!!


February 17, 2015 

Christina's unique flying needle technique will give you painless and pleasurable treatments.






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