Evergreen Medical Acupuncture Team

Mission Statement

"At the Evergreen Medical Acupuncture clinic we use functional medicine in conjunction with acupuncture to provide premium and conventional health care service. "

Acupuncture has evolved from a two thousand year old traditional therapy into a conventional medicine today. Clinical evidence shows that acupuncture needles stimulate the brain, hormones, and the nervous system. Medical Acupuncture still uses the same acupuncture needles that are used in TCM. However, different size (gauge) needles are used for a certain therapeutic purpose, or shorter or longer needles are used.


Thicker, bigger needles are used more for pain. They help stimulate the sensory cortex in the back of the brain via A Alpha and Delta nociceptive afferent nerve fibers. This can help stimulate more endogenous opioids (pain relieving cells) to that area. Smaller needles on the other hand are better at simulating the limbic system and the front part of the brain via smaller C nociceptive nerve fibers. The small needles are better for hormone problems, emotional imbalances and other automatic issues (breathing, digestion, heart rate, sleep...) Shorter needles are used when a dermatome is attempted to be stimulated. Dermatomes are sections of skin that are innervated by certain nerves from the spine. If someone has skin problems or a pain pattern that follows that certain nerve innervating the dermatome, a shorter needle is inserted. 


The Evergreen Medical Acupuncture team is committed to using evidence-based treatments that work in conjunction with conventional medicine. Among other things, we use a more powerful, less painful needle technique that Dr. Fick calls the "Flick Technique". ​

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