OUR COVID-19 COMMITMENT AND UPDATE (as of March 24th, 2020)

We are still OPEN for Emergency Acupuncture

and have phone Functional Medicine and curbside pickups for supplements

As everyone is well aware the CDC is rightfully recommending everyone practice safe social distancing and closing businesses that are not essential. As of Tuesday, March 24th "Acupuncturists" have been cited as essential healthcare personnel. With the statewide mandate of Shelter-In-Place "clinics and healthcare facilities" may continue to stay open per Gov. Jared Polis' Executive Order 2020 009 but ONLY for emergency cases. This Executive Order 2020 009 states that all elective procedures must be rescheduled until April 14th or later unless:

  1. There is a threat to your life 

  2. There is a threat of permanent dysfunctions of organs or extremities 

  3. There is a risk of progression of the disease without the procedure

  4. There is a risk that your condition will rapidly deteriorate and will cause permanent organ damage without the procedure

Evergreen Medical Acupuncture will remain OPEN during this time ONLY for EMERGENCY cases in which the Doctor has deemed the patient indefinitely falls into one of the above categories. All cases will be very carefully screened as only true EMERGENCY cases will be accepted! Very few cases actually fall into these categories so please call/email us if you are unsure. 

Please read the Orders here:


COVID FAQ for Healthcare Professionals


Patients will be screened for any illness symptoms including but not limited to: 

1) Fever (over 100 degrees) 

2) Cough (especially dry, but any cough)

3) Any respiratory distress (especially shortness of breath and if SOB if present they will be requested to call their PCP)

4) Sore throat

5) Malaise or Fatigue (general feeling of sickness)

If the patient has had or been around anyone with these symptoms in the last 14 days, they may NOT enter our facility.



As Medical Acupuncturists, we are board-certified and trained to handle infectious pathogens and communicable diseases.

We have personally contacted our local CDC (Center for Disease Control). They have approved us to remain open as long as we are following the cleaning procedures and universal precautions that we have always been. We are, however, implementing a few new precautions to keep everyone safe which includes the Doctor wearing a mask when within a six-foot distance of the patient to reduce possible respiratory droplets. We will never have more than 5 people in the clinic at once. 


Our goal is to help relieve our local primary care facilities from being overwhelmed. We are trying to do our part in maintaining the health of our community. 

The methods of cleaning include soaking for a minimum of ten minutes, until dripping, the headrests, tables, doors, doorknobs, chairs, tables, surfaces, all restrooms, and anything else that is touched. The cleaning solution used is hospital-grade antiviral, anti germicidal which specifically kills coronavirus(s).

All sheets, towels, and headrest covers are cleaned in-house (on the sanitary setting which is with the highest heat) with bleach. We also have professional cleaners come three times per week that deep cleans. 


Our ambient air temperature is set to 79 degrees in the clinic to mitigate airborne potential (there are theories that warmer temps reduce other strains of coronavirus).


All staff members will wear masks when within 6 feet of patients as the virus is transmitted through mucous droplets. Patients are encouraged to bring their own mask, as supply is critically low. We cannot provide masks for patients as we have donated a large number of our supplies to local hospitals, including masks. We encourage patients to wear/bring their own masks, however. The most VITAL step to prevent the spread of this disease is to wash your hands and DO NOT touch your face! We have hand sanitizer at every corner and in every room and antibacterial soap in each bathroom. We are leaving doors open where we can and have removed all unnecessary items from the rooms and the clinic. Every surface and chair that anyone comes in contact with is swiftly sanitized. 


The bathroom is being sanitized for the ten-minute soak after EVERY use. We are washing our hands with antibacterial soap for two minutes in hot water before entering each room, after leaving, and not touching doorknobs. This is the universal precaution (the assumption that everything is infected) that we have always followed and will continue to maintain excellence in.

All patients are now being required to wait in their cars until their rooms are ready to maintain the cleanliness of the waiting area. Online or over the phone scheduling and payments are encouraged.

We are also continuing to do over the phone Functional Medicine appointments and curbside pickups for herbal/supplement orders. You will be supported even if you cannot get in for acupuncture at this time. We will be in the clinic every day but taking patients only twice weekly until the Executive Order is lifted and it is safe for everyone to come out into public again. Safety is the number one concern. 

Dr. Fick is born and raised in this community and helping her community members in this time of need, safely, is why she decided to go into this medicine in the first place. We are doing our part to social-distance while still safely accommodating the health and wellbeing of our community. 

Thank you for your understanding during this time, and mostly, please everyone stay safe and well.


Any and all information found on this website DrChristinaFick.com or ChristinaFick.com is for general educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as medical advise. Medical advise can only be given to an established patient where a medical examination can be made and a treatment plan is discussed. Dr Christina Fick is not a primary care physician and any and all concerns should be discussed with your primary care physician. We are not liable for any self treatment.  © 2012 by Evergreen Medical Acupuncture, LLC. All rights reserved.

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