COVID protocols: May 2020 Safer at home

Evergreen Medical Acupuncture is now open and seeing patients. 

We are classified under DORA in the State of Colorado as a "Critical Profession" and a "medical clinic" which is a critical, essential business(1). As of April 27th, in Jefferson County, we can see patients for Elective Procedures(2) and are under Executive Order 045(3). EMA is classified by OSHA as a low to medium risk for COVID (4). Per their recommendation, our clinic has acquired the correct PPE (personal protection equipment) needed for this level of exposure. All staff and doctors are required to wear surgical or N95 masks. We are required to follow strict handwashing and hygiene. All surfaces are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant hourly or after they are touched. Every treatment room is treated with a medical-grade UVC (ultraviolet light) which is one of the safest and most effective devices to use during the COVID19 pandemic. After the UV treatment, the room is aired out with fresh airflow (windows are opened), and hospital-grade disinfectant is used on the stainless steel (5) surfaces and high touch areas light doorknobs just to make sure. We make sure our central air system is on and running throughout the day as it has a hospital-grade HEPA filter AND a UVC filter in it! We also have the windows and doors open where HIPAA isn't a concern. This allows the least amount of air confinement(6). We also have two restrooms that we thoroughly clean after EVERY use with a UV filter and sanitize the door handles. 

We ask that every patient take their temperature before their appointment. If you have a 100-degree temperature in the past 72 hours WITH a cough, muscle pains, headache, sore throat, and loss of taste - please reschedule your appointment. These could be signs of COVID-19 (7)

We request that all patients stay in their cars until we flag you in for your appointments or text you. Please park right in front of the clinic. We will usher you right from your car into the treatment room. This can minimize the aerosols in the waiting area, however, we do use the UV filter every night and the central air with the UV filter is going during the day. The walk from the waiting room to the treatment is very short with plenty of open, fresh air and sun as well. 

Once in the treatment room, we might keep our intake a little shorter and try to follow up more via secure email or do a telemedicine appointment. However, for the most part, your treatment will be about the same. All our sheets and linens are one-time use and are bleached in our in-house commercial washer/dryer on the sanitary setting. We keep all our linens in a separate closet that's enclosed at all times from containments. The chairs are six feet apart and social distancing achieved during the intake. We are not allowing guests or relatives to come join the treatments at this time. 

All staff checks their temperatures before coming to work every day. Once you schedule an appointment, these, along with other instructions will be given to you. We are happy to be servicing patients again. If you do not feel comfortable coming physically into the clinic still, please remember, we have a very efficient telemedicine system and curbside pick up system for herbs and supplements. There are many ways we can still help you. Thank you for your continued support of our family-run, local business. 



3) Executive Order 045

4) OSHA 




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