Dr. Christina Fick, DAOM, LAc


Medical Acupuncture Doctor

Christina's Personal Bio

Christina is born and raised in Evergreen, Colorado. She grew up doing all activities outdoor and adventure related. As a young child she was backpacking, climbing, hiking. When Christina was 14 years old she was infected with Lyme Disease. After exhausting her Western Medicine options, Christina sought treatment for acupuncture, mostly out of desperation! At the time, Christina was in a military training program called Civil Air Patrol where she flew cessna planes and learned the military lifestyle. She was also playing varsity soccer at Evergreen High School. Acupuncture helped her so much that she decided to pursue it as a career instead of joining the Air Force as planned. 


After High School, Christina began college majoring in Chinese Studies at University of Hawaii Manoa on Oahu. Living near some of the worlds best beaches proved difficult to focus on school so Christina moved home to Colorado to buckle down on classes. She completed her undergraduate at Colorado State University and took the Holistic Health program at Front Range Community College. Christina began her long awaited journey to acupuncture school in San Diego, California. As a beach snob, Christina lived on Coronado island and enjoyed the beach life. After one year in California, Christina decided to move home, again. She was eager to leave Evergreen as a teenager and only driven to get home to Evergreen as an adult! Christina Finished her two Masters degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from CSTCM in Denver. 

Being a life long learner, Christina spontaneously decided to go back to school to be a true master of Acupuncture and learn a more science-based approach. Christina traveled to Portland, Oregon for four days per month for two years to continue her education. Through this world renowned program she was able to further her travels and took on several internships in places such as Peru, China and New York city

Throughout all the travel and studies, Christina managed and played on several competitive soccer teams. Soccer is just as important in her life as acupuncture and her family. 


Today, Christina and her husband Connor, also a native of Evergreen, live with their two dogs in their hometown. Both Christina and Connor play competitive soccer, hike, climb slot canyons in Utah, and weight lifting in their free time. Christina also travels often with her mother who is a travel agent. 


Christina is the owner and founder of Evergreen Medical Acupuncture, LLC. She first opened her clinic in downtown Evergreen above her mother's travel agency in 2012. 

Services Offered

  • Medical Acupuncture 

  • Functional Medicine

  • Electric Dry Needling

  • Kid's Acupuncture 

  • Injections/Biopuncture 

  • Labor Induction

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  • "Acupuncture Assistant" - Denver, CO. 2009-2011

    • This was a private clinic where Christina was taught the Flying Needle Technique, acupuncture for oncology, autoimmune conditions, and brain injuries. Christina was also responsible for most of the patient relations. ​

  • "Indigenous Medicine" - Urubamba, Cusco, Pisac, Machu Picchu, and Ollantaytambo, Peru. 2014

    • Christina learned about how indigenous people of South America would practice medicine and care of the sick. This included learning about plant medicine, learning about Traditional South American nutrition and dietetics, ​and spirituality. 

  • "Labor and Delivery, Neurology Hospital Rotation" - Brooklyn, New York. 2015

    • Christina worked at Lutheran Medical Hospital splitting time treating patients in both the Labor and Delivery floor and the Neurology floor. She treated post-stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries on the Neurology floor with acupuncture. She treated women for pain, pregnancy complications, anxiety, and labor induction on the Labor and Delivery floor with acupuncture. On this rotation she was also able to be in the Operating room while women had caesarean sections (C-section)​.

  • "China Orthopedics Hospital Rotation" - Nanjing, China. 2015

    • Christina traveled with a group of Doctors to Nanjing, China to work in varying Hospitals and treat patients with acupuncture and other techniques. Christina's main rotation was at Qin Huai Common People's Hospital where she worked alongside Dr. Xue and Dr. Pang on the Orthopedics floor. They used both Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, massage, cupping, moxa, e-stim) on patients while also utilizing western techniques such as XRAY and MRI readings, physical exam and therapy, chiropractic, and manual therapy. ​She treated up to 100 patients per day.

    • Christina also spent time on other shifts including Stroke Rehab and (famous) Dr. Wang and his private Flying Needle Clinic. 

Continuing Education Certifications

  • Injection Therapy Biopuncture Certification. 2017

  • Mastering Blood Chemistry - Apex Energetics. 2017 (Functional Medicine) 

  • Functional Endocrinology - Apex Energetics. 2017 (Functional Medicine)

  • Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry - Apex Energetics. 2016 (Functional Medicine)

  • The Science of Wellness - Brigham Young University. 2015

  • Clinical Application of Laboratory Analysis - Gaeta Communications. 2013

  • Metabolic Syndromes - CSTCM. 2011


  • Doctoral specialties included: Geriatrics, Stroke rehab, Classical Acupuncture, Advanced Acupuncture Insertion Techniques, Oncology, Tong's style Acupuncture, Thyroid disorders, Autoimmune and Rheumatology, Mental health, Infertility, Pregnancy, and Menopause.

  • Clinical specialties include: Oncology, women's health, sport's injuries, autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, musculoskelatal pain, chronic & complicated diseases. 

  • Professional specialties: Medical Acupuncture, neurophysiology, cellular biology, advanced needle techniques including the Flying Needle Technique, Functional Medicine. 

  • Doctoral Dissertation title: "The Neurophysiological Differences Between Varying Acupuncture Insertion Techniques; Including the Flying Needle Technique" - 105 pages, published November 2015.


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