Dry Needling

Electric Dry Needling is the use of Dry Needling plus the power of Electrical Stimulation. 

Dry Needling is the insertion of an acupuncture needle into a trigger point or muscle knot to help break up the adhesion. This powerful method is used by many different practitioners but adding a small electrical current which helps the muscle contract and relax. This microcurrent also helps stimulate both large and small sensory nerve fibers which floods the area with opioids, endorphins, and ATP (energy). The combination of Medical Acupuncture application of Dry Needling plus the addition of a specific electrical current through the muscle knot helps actin and myocin filaments contract and release. 

Trigger points occur when a muscle is trying to hold and stabilize itself either because it is weak, injured, or overworked. Trigger points often occur in athletes or people who have muscle imbalances and cause a great deal of pain. Often trigger points cause distending pain which is pain located in areas other than where the trigger point is, except when it is pressed on. A good test for a trigger point is, if you suspect it is causing a problem, to squeeze the suspected muscle knot. If it is painful when you press on the muscle knot, and the pain travels to another location, it is likely that is a trigger point. 

The needle is a powerful tool which can be used both as a scapula to slice up the trigger point, and as a metal conductor to help the surrounding nerves stimulate pain relieving substrates (opioids and endoprhins) from the brain. 


Dr. Fick specializes in Medical Acupuncture and is an expert at Dry Needling. She has some of the best training in the world for needle techniques - she studied under Dr. Wang in NanJing, China. Although Dry Needling can be slightly uncomfortable, Dr. Fick's needle technique is superb.  

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