Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is assessment of a patients health in whole. We take routine blood tests to examine a person's health from an objective standpoint. Blood doesn't lie and is a great way to truly assess health and wellbeing. Medical doctors use a standarize lab range of four standard deviations from "normal" putting a 10 year old boy and 85 year old woman in the same "normal" health ranges. In a functional lab exam with shrink that four standard deviation down to one so we can better identify problems before they turn into detremental diseases. How many times have you felt unwell and had blood drawn and your labs came back "normal" but you still didn't feel well? Functional medicine can help you! 

bLOOd Analysis

A functional lab analysis looks at the blood chemistry and progression of each number relating to another. By using a smaller lab range than what most medical doctors and labs provide we can see where a portion of the chemistry is disrupted and no longer optimal. Reading a functional blood test is not like reading a book. It's putting together a story to identify what systems are out of range, what it is causing in its cascade, and how to fix both the root of the problem and the symptoms relating. Functional blood test reading is something only specially trained Functional Medicine practitioners do. Medical Doctors look at the big picture and find dysfunctions when a disease has already flourished. Functional Medicine looks at the preventative aspects before disease has manifested. 

Dietary Review

After reviewing blood work and laboratory numbers, a dietary plan can be produced that is custom tailored for you. Often our bodies demand different diets while going through different phases in our lives and/or going through an illness. Blood tests are extremely good at helping us figure out what you might be missing in your diet. We can see if you need more healthy fats, or if you have too many bad fats, we can see if your consumption of produce and nutrient dense foods is adequate or not. We can assess if you need more protein or perhaps less. The variables are endless. 

Supplementation Review

Once a diagnosis is achieved from a functional lab analysis, a recommendation of the proper supplements can be given. Supplementation is only recommended if a patient's numbers are low or high enough to temporarily need supplementation. Herbal custom formulas might also be recommended. Not all supplements are the same - each recommendation is based off the need from your chemistry. 

Exercise Review

An exercise routine can be evaluated and adjusted based on individual patient needs. Often a blood analysis can give us great clues if someone needs more or less of a certain type of exercise. If someone has repeated injuries an evaluation of form may be done. 

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