Revitalizing Mint Mask purifying camphor + LSS™ delivery is a light-weight gel mask with cool energizing ingredients for all skin types.

Because of its perfect blend of camphor and peppermint, Revitalizing Mask stimulates and circulates tired, dull skin. We incorporated Spirulina, a green alga to awake the skin senses.


This alga has a considerable number of B-vitamins to prevent skin stress. Furthermore, the minerals associated with spirulina makes it an excellent skin supplement such as: Zinc, Copper & Iron, which are associated with defending the skin against free radical scavengers.


Revitalizing Mint, naturally is a multi-mineral complex mask due to the powerful ingredient of spirulina. Minerals like, magnesium improves the skin’s overall appearance. It is also essential for skin repair and balance.

Copper is necessary for hyaluronic acid production, which increases the vitality and strength of skin.

Cooling sensation of peppermint helps to relieve sensitivities. Our Revitalizing Mint Mask is refreshing and invigorating for all skin types and conditions.


Before steam apply ½ teaspoon of Revitalizing Mask on the face, neck and decollete. Steam for 2-3 minutes to soften follicles before extractions. The perfect skin remedy when working with troubled conditions like acne, congestion or dehydrated skin. May also use in conjunction with a Skin Scrubber Blade for a thorough surface exfoliation.

Revitalizing Mint Mask


Skin care professionals may use Revitalizing Mint Mask purifying camphor + LSS™ delivery as a finishing mask for all skin types. To increase skin treatment results, there are multiple ways to use Revitalizing Mint Mask purifying camphor + LSS™ delivery:

  • Use as a softening mask during steam or apply a moistened warm towel to relax follicle congestion
  • Apply before using the Skin Scrubber Blade. Softens and removes dead skin cells without irritation
  • Use as your final treatment step for skin success. Apply serum(s) and moisturizer(s) as the nutrition skin supplement. Apply ½ teaspoon of Revitalizing Mist Mask. Apply a cool, cold moistened towel. Remove after 3-5 minutes. Follow with the final treatment steps

Revitalizing Mint Mask purifying camphor increases cellular metabolism, cell turnover and lymphatic stimulation for dry, dehydrated, sun damaged and pigmented skin. The cool stimulation of camphor and peppermint invigorates unbalanced, mature and aging skin.

Revitalizing Mint Mask may be used with manicures and pedicures for an invigorating spa treatment.

Benefits of Revitalizing Mint Mask purifying camphor + LSS™ delivery

  • maintains skin firmness and elasticity
  • restores balance to skin
  • clarifies skin for an even skin complexion
  • minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • restores vitality to skin
  • deep cleanses congested skin

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