Renew, Regenerate & Revive

Diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scarring or oily/troubled skin conditions with continuous use of Vita A Lift. 

Vita A Lift ProScience Technology


Vita A Lift proscience technology is the answer to a safe and effective vitamin A for age defying skin results. We use unique ingredients for cellular renewal, while maintaining skin integrity and immunity support.

The newest bio-available skin ingredient is Retinyl Linoleate. When a client wants a smoother and brighter youthful appearance, Vita A Lift is a high-performance skincare product that works best at night for age-defying results. However, always incorporate additional moisture protection by applying a Skin for Life moisturizer.

The skin science behind proscience technology is to provide the skin with a safe exfoliation without irritation or redness. It heightens skin circulation by increasing better cell communication thereby maintaining proper immunity skin support.

Vita A is the ideal skincare product when treating aging, oily, acne or sun-damaged skin. Even though it contains 1% Retinol, it may be used on sensitive skins without adverse reactions. When recommending for sensitive skin clients have them use every other night and build to every night for an optimum skincare routine.

Vita A resurfaces skin texture for a clear radiant complexion. To increase skin performance apply Renewal Serum for an added surface exfoliation, before applying our vitamin A skincare product.