Must Read Books

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joe Murphy
Do you ever feel a certain way and think it's not affecting you? It is! This book reveals why negative thoughts translate to your physical world. It also goes over how to produce positive thoughts for a positive life!

​​Healing With Whole Foods - Paul Pitzer

This book is a nutritional guidance through the Chinese Philosophy of using food as medicine. Its a great read with tons of knowledge about the research behind why the food is beneficial   

Full Catastrophe Living - Jon Kabot-Zinn

This book goes in depth of how stress effects your body and diseases and imbalances that stress creates. Kabot-Zinn bases his book on his invention of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Technique.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia - Dr.R.Paul St.Amand

​If you've been diagnosised with Fibromaylagia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or IBS, READ THIS BOOK! There is a revolutionary treatment for these conditions that is worth trying. 


How to Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

Louise Hay is one of the founders of revolutionizing the "Self-Help" books. How to Heal Your Life should be in every home. This beautiful book connects both mind and body and paves a path for better living. 

​​The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity - Edwene Gaines

An empowering message about the true meaning of prosperity to help anyone achieve a life of material and spiritual abundance  

Think and Grow Rich - Napolean Hill

Originally written in 1937 and recently updated for 21st century readers, this book isn't just about getting more money. Its a world renowned self help book about how to enrich your life in ever aspect. 

The Secret, The Power - Rhonda Byrne

​Another fabulous book turned movie, both The Secret and The Power tap in to the anabolic view point of the world. This is a great core book to read if you've never been exposed to mind-power type books. 



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